Aleksandra Kolarski


Aleksandra Kolarski founded an agency with a vision to help young people bring their potential to the surface and step into the fashion industry in a safe and secure way. But she is also there for the older ones to assure them that it is not too late for them either and that only the sky is their limit.

She is a model, casting director, scout, consultant, organiser, entrepreneur, mother and now agency mother. She is characterised by: faith, strength, perseverance and support. She is ALEK.


Rad Zoric

scout and booker

Rad Zoric is the booker of Alek Model Management Agency, because of his refined taste for recognising modeling potential. Working as a long-term model, Rad knows from experience how to evaluate which model is for which direction of this industry. Thanks to his knowledge and charm, he managed to present the values of the agency in the right way, and he is responsible for the largest number of models that make up this agency.

He is a model, choreography teacher and a booker. He is characterised by stability, discipline, persistence and authority. He is Rad.


Aleksandra Karla

Digital marketing director

Aleksandra Karla is in charge of digital marketing and organising a creative program for young models who attend our school. The fact that being responsible is her main character trait is also shown through the way in which she did not allow her dreams to remain just that, but took responsibility for her own life and joined the fashion agency, as its youngest member. For her, working in this industry is an expansion of creativity and learning new skills.

She is creative and a lover of the fashion industry. She is characterised by responsibility and cheerfulness. She is Ale.